If you meet 10 Thai ladies one is bad;
if you meet 10 farang (Western) ladies one is good.

The ladies of the night are different, of course. They are not as complicated as their Western sisters.

Once I told my Thai lady joking: The female knee is the point of no return. She simply replied: I know! 

What you should know when you are 'stalking' in a bar or beer garden:

Usually the Thai lady of your choice will tell you a nickname instead of her family name.

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In Thailand it is not impolite to ask personal things.
Once my Thai lady asked me about my age. I told her and then she pointed at my teeth with a smile: 'Plastic?!'

In other words Thai ladies are very djing djai sincere. Once I met a farang (Caucasian) fallen in love with a Thai lady and she with him, too, obviously. He asked her: "How did you learn English, by the way?" She answered with a honest smile: "By costumers!"

And sometimes they are na mai ay kind of indecent in my understanding: In Lamai, Koh Samui, I was sitting at a bar with my Thai lady. Suddenly I felt the need to visit the toilet. I asked my lady: Hong narm yoo tee nai? Where is the lavatory?
'Tammai?' 'Why?' she asked me. The Thai expression - for my need at that time - is: 'Puad kee I have to sh**'. I was whispering, of course.
A lady sitting at the opposite side of the bar noticed that I was asking my lady something.
'What is the farang (Westerner) longing for?'
'Farang puad kee!' my Thai lady shouted across the bar. 'The Caucasian has to sh**!'
Flush all over!

For your information: it is more polite to say phuad dtong, to have bellyache.

You can notice farang (Western foreigner) trying to get in contact without any chance. Now you know one of the reasons why.

If you treat her the correct way she will not tell too much about you. May be: 'Only touch'. The way you look like there are too many competitors for her.

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And that is what a Thai friend of mine told me about the ladies: Mai sooai mai dee, not beautiful, not good!

All I know about Thai ladies is that in my opinion the most beautiful girls are originated from Isaan the North-Eastern part of Thailand. What I like is their tanned smooth skin and the way they prrrronounce the 'R' like Mexican mariachi-singers. Usually their nicknames start with a 'N' like Noi, Nad, Nuch, Nut and so on.

The advantage is that they like to flock together thus seldom you will encounter a loner but the drawback is that they are using Khmer, the Cambodian language and you started to learn the Thai language hopefully.

Last not least I will tell you a secret men usually shouldn't know. The topic is menstruation. Thai ladies call it in a slang expression pen men. All I knew about it was that katoey, ladyboys, do not pen men. But then I stayed with the Thai lady of my choice for moreluk gai than 4 weeks and nothing happened. After a while I started to frown. May be she is a lady-boy after all? No, I knew better. She is pregnant? No, I was using condoms. She had an other men? No again. I am the very best. How on earth could she hide something that had to happen monthly?
I simply asked her. She smiled overwhelming and showed me a piece of yellow colored sponge shaped like an egg. It is called luuk gai (child-chicken, chick).
Now I know and you do not have to worry anymore if your Thai lady stays busy with you, do you?
But this is a secret. Please do not tell anybody!

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last updated: 05/16/06